PDF – French beaded wild daisy


French beaded wild daisy PDF


French beaded flowers: beaded wild daisy

Level: Beginner

French beaded wild daisy- these patterns originally appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of Bead & Jewellery magazine.

This is a perfect beginner project. In this 9-page pdf, I’ll show you:

  • Continuous Loops
  • Continuous Wrap-Around Loops
  • Basic Frame

This is a versatile project. You can make the arrangement as simple as you like. Or make many for a showcase arrangement. The tutorial also includes detailed lengths for recreating the two pictured arrangements.


53 grams 11/0 ceylon white seed beads
33 grams 11/0 green beads
35 grams 11/0 transparent yellow seed beads
24 yards 24-gauge white or silver copper-core wire
35 yards 24-gauge green copper-core wire
5 16-gauge stem wire
8 18-gauge stem wire
3 skeins DMC metallic floss
Floral tape


Wire Cutter
Chain nose pliers

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