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Bead spinner tool for stringing beads on wire

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Bead spinner for making French Beaded Flowers

A bead spinner is a great tool for stringing beads on wire.

What’s included:

  • Bead spinner – bowl and bottom spinner measuring 3.5 inch (9cm) x  3.5 inch  (9 cm)
  • 3 trays to use on top of the bowl if using multiple colors

Why I always recommend a smaller bead spinner:

I have many bead spinners for making French Beaded flowers. There are standard size bead spinners with large bowls that are 4 inch(10 cm) x 4 inch (9 cm) and spinners with smaller bowls. Over the years, my  preference shifted to using a smaller bead spinner for French Beading. Here’s why:

Beads to Bowl ratio 

The more beads there are in the bowl, the easier it is to string beads on wire. Having a smaller bowl means that if we are running low on beads, we can get more of the beads onto the wire than if we are to use a bigger bowl.

Space saving

I like to bead all around the house and on the go. Having a smaller bead spinner saves precious space.

Budget friendly for Beginners

Buying a small bead spinner makes the art of French bead spinner accessible to beginner French beaders.

Bead Spinner

More info:

For a demo on how to string beads on wire, watch the Fundamentals of French Beaded Flowers.

If you are new to French beading, a beaded rose is the perfect project as it gives you ample practice. Click on the below photo for the Introduction to French Beaded Flowers – Rose Beginner kit.

French beaded rose, French beading



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