Supplies Resources

My favorite Resources: these are places that I purchase my materials and I will only recommend materials that I use or close alternatives to materials I use.

For latest Bead-a-long/ Elephant Succulent Planter :

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads:
Source for Japanese and Czech beads and some copper-core wire. I recommend the Zebra brand colored copper-core wires. Avoid the silver and gold.

Shipwreck Beads:
Source for Czech and Vintage beads.

Source for copper-core wire.

Source for copper-core wire and bead spinners.

Bead spinner sources:
Spin-N-Bead Junior (Amazon US):
Spin-N-Bead Standard (Amazon US):
Spin-N-Bead Junior (Amazon UK):
Spin-N-Bead Standard (Amazon UK):


Knipex heavy duty wire cutters (I LOVE THIS!):

Dual brooch/hair finding (Amazon US):
Brooch pins (Amazon US):

Other supplies:
Check local craft and hardware stores first as you may be able to find better prices on the below items. Bulk items generally are cheaper to purchase online.

Acrylic Water:
Bulk Embroidery Floss:
12-gauge steel wire:
Bulk floral tape:
Multi-color floral tape:
Bulk Brown floral tape:

Joann Fabrics website:

Copper-core wire:


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