Supplies Resources

My favorite Resources: these are places where I purchase my materials and I will only recommend materials that I use or close alternatives to materials I use.

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads:
Source for Japanese and Czech beads and some copper-core wire. I recommend the Zebra brand colored copper-core wires. Avoid the silver and gold Zebra wire. Only purchase the colored Zebra wire. 

Shipwreck Beads:
Source for Czech and Vintage beads.

Source for copper-core wire.

Source for copper-core wire and bead spinners.

Bead spinner sources:
Spin-N-Bead Junior (Amazon US):
Spin-N-Bead Standard (Amazon US):
Spin-N-Bead Junior (Amazon UK):
Spin-N-Bead Standard (Amazon UK):

Spinsational bracelet maker bead spinner – a kids’ beadspinner that is adorable and works surprisingly well:


Knipex heavy duty wire cutters (I LOVE THIS!):

Dual brooch/hair finding (Amazon US):
Brooch pins (Amazon US):

Other supplies:
Check local craft and hardware stores first as you may be able to find better prices on the below items. Bulk items generally are cheaper to purchase online.

Acrylic Water (2 part resin):
Bulk Embroidery Floss:
12-gauge steel wire:
Bulk floral tape:
Multi-color floral tape:
Bulk Brown floral tape:

Joann Fabrics website:

Copper-core wire:

Planters from projects:

Branches in Bloom cover vase:
Branches in Bloom (raku blue ceramic vase) (various projects)
Chamomile project- Elephant Planter:
Lucky Bamboo project – Koi Planter:
Lucky Bamboo project – Dragon Planter: –

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