French beaded flower techniques

Learn French Beading Techniques with PDF and Video

Learn all the basics of how to make French beaded flowers using bead and wire using the techniques below. Use this guide to learn the techniques so that you follow pattern directions for making a garden of beaded flowers.

To learn more about the history plus what materials, tools, and what patterns to get started with, read the below article:

About French beading – History /Materials/Tools 

French beaded flowers: beaded summer garden, beaded cosmos, dandelion, wood violet, chamomile, California poppy

About French beaded flowers video

Fundamentals of French Beading – Tools/Materials/How to String Beads on Wire

Beginner techniques

Basic Frame 

Continuous Loops 

Continuous Cross-over loops

Continuous Wrap-Around Loops

Continuous Beaded Fringe 


Flower Assembly/Flossing 

Intermediate techniques


Double/Triple Split Basic