PDF – French beaded poinsettia brooch pin



French beaded poinsettia brooch pin PDF


French beaded poinsettia brooch pin/pendant –

Level: Advanced

This is an advanced pattern using a combination of a one-wire construction technique along with a variation of my continuous basic frame technique. Alternate design instructions are available if you would like to convert this brooch into a brooch/pendant combo so that it can be used as a brooch or a pendant.

Who this pattern is for:

  • If you already have experience with making French beaded flowers and know the Continuous Loops and Basic Frame technique.

What you will learn in this pattern/tutorial:

  • One-wire construction – learn how to make a flower all on one wire
  • Learn how to make “basic frame” petals all one one wire

This continuous basic technique used in this pattern is a variation of the continuous split basic technique. To familiarize yourself with the technique, you can find it <<HERE >> — it’s a pdf and video demo of the technique.

Bonus! I demo’ed the project in the French Beaded Flowers facebook group in a facebook live. The video is no longer available in the group. However, you can view it as a complimentary bonus for purchasing this pattern. There are many tips and tricks that are discussed that is not in the pattern.

Materials Needed: 

  • 10 grams 11/0 red beads
  • <1 gram 11/0 yellow beads
  • < 1 gram 11/0 green beads
  • 24-gauge red copper-core wire
  • brooch pin backing
  • fabric or felt


  • Continuous Basic Frame
  • Continuous Loops


  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bead spinner
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
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