PDF – French beaded wood violet pattern, intermediate


French beaded wood violet PDF


French beaded wood violet pattern/tutorial – PDF

Level: Intermediate


  • Basic Frame
  • Continuous Split Basic – covered in PDF
  • Scallop
  •  Continuous Fringe Loop – covered in PDF
  •  Loop


  •  10 grams 15/0 purple seed beads (Miyuki rocaille dark fuchsia)
  •  30 grams 15/0 green seed beads (Miyuki rocaille transparent rainbow green)
  • 5 grams 15/0 yellow seed beads (Miyuki rocaille opaque luster yellow)
  • 24 gauge gold copper-core wire
  • 24 gauge green copper-core wire (or any scrap wires left over from other projects)
  • 26 gauge purple copper-core wire
  •  26 gauge green copper-core wire
  •  30 gauge green copper-core wire
  •  Light green floral tape


  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bead spinner
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/Measuring tape

About this French beading project:

This is an intermediate pattern and I do not teach the techniques in this tutorial. You need to know the basic frame technique, split basic techniques, scallops, and continuous loops. I do go over the continuous split basic technique and continuous fringe loops.

I designed these wood violets after the flowers I’ve been admiring in the wild for many years. Wood violets come in a variety of colors from white, yellow to varying shades of purple. One of its very unique features is in the heart shaped leaves which took 10 trials for me to get the shape right. Don’t worry if your leaves are not symmetrical. Just make sure it’s beaded neatly and laced as nature is imperfectly perfect.

Stems: In order to get the slimmest stem possible, we will not be attaching the flowers or leaves on separate stem wires. Instead, we will be making the tail wires longer than usual as well as building up the stability of the stem with 24 gauge wire. This is a great time to use any scrap wires you have lying around from other projects.

Beads: In order to get the delicate look of the flowers, I used size 15/0 seed beads. You can use whatever color beads you wish. But for those interested in knowing the specific beads I used, I’ve listed the brand above.

Wires: You can substitute 28 gauge wire for the 30 gauge wire for the sepals. Both gauges will work well. It will be easier to work with the 30 gauge wire. Otherwise, the listed wires for the rest of the units should not be substituted. The 24 gauge wire is needed for the stability of the stems.


This pattern/tutorial CANNOT be copied/reproduced or redistributed in any way. Pattern cannot be reproduced and sold for financial gain or used as a tutorial for a class. You may sell the item that is produced in this pattern with credit to “Fen Li, Bead Flora Studio” as the creator of the pattern in your online listings or on marketing materials if selling in person. Otherwise, this pattern is for
personal-use only.

You can find me on youtube, facebook, and instagram @beadflora
Feel free to email me with any questions. I’m always happy to help.

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