New colorways for beaded poinsettia brooch

When I think of poinsettias, I automatically bead it red. But they come in a multitude of colors: yellow, pink, white… and making anything beaded means we don’t even need to make it in real life colors. Make it whatever color you want! I did opt for silver for one of the colorways. I think a gold colorway would be amazing too.

Let me tell you a little bit about the design of this French beaded poinsettia brooch pin. Have you ever wondered how you’d get the wires from making ALL those petals tidied up in order to make a brooch that you can wear?


The solution is not to make it the traditional way of making French beaded flowers. The solution is to make it using a one-wire construction method. Yes, I’m crazy enough to tell you to make all of these petals all on one continuous wire. And you can do that with a variation of the French beading technique I called the Continuous Split Basic. Since we are making these not on a traditional basic frame, there’s no “split.”

Here is what you do:  

  1. Insert a LONG length of wire into the brooch pin and wrap it around.
  2. String beads onto the working-wire and you are able to bead the pattern.

Tip: This is an advanced project as we are combining many techniques together all on one wire. Take your time. Be patient. Hold onto your petals firmly and wrap slowly. Otherwise, you might end up with a fail like the picture below.

To buy the written PDF pattern tutorial >> 3 USD 

Watch the Video tutorial instructions below:


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