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“Bead Flora: the Revival of French beaded flowers” book by Fen Li

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Bead Flora: The Revival of French Beaded Flowers (signed copy)

With over 23 exciting projects ranging from simple flowers to exciting jewelry and accessories. You will find old favorites as well as new innovative techniques.

Something as simple as just seed beads and wire can be transformed into flowers. Learn the old-world art of French beaded flowers with revitalized techniques and patterns from a master designer.

Foreword by author Ragnar Levi

“Welcome to Fen Li’s dazzling world of everlasting flowers! What you will discover here is a rich variety of stunning shapes and colors, as well as a versatile craft with an exciting past.

The French beaded flora is breathtaking, in more ways than one. Developing your skills in flower beading, you will in fact be carrying forward a tradition rooted in the Middle Ages, starting in Venetian glassworks, winding through European monasteries and courts, and eventually crossing the Atlantic.

With Fen’s inviting book before your eyes, and her classically inspired yet subtly innovative patterns, you will be learning the craft from a successful bead artist who continues to revitalize the artform. Enjoy!

Ragnar Levi, collector of beaded flowers and author of Flowers Forever: Bead Craft from France and Venice.

French beaded yellow tea rose French beaded daisy, bead and wire flowers

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Patterns/tutorials CANNOT be copied/reproduced or redistributed in any way. Pattern cannot be reproduced and sold for financial gain or used as a tutorial for a class. You may sell the item that is produced in this pattern with credit to “Fen Li, Bead Flora Studio” as the creator of the pattern in your online listings or on marketing materials if selling in person. Otherwise, this pattern is for
personal-use only.

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