French beaded crocus pattern and free admission to Bead & Button show 2019

Whow… where did the time go? It’s only been a few short months since my book was launched and I’ve been running around like mad. Note to self, do not launch a book in Winter during cold and flu season with small children in school. It will not go over well! Late Spring or Summer would probably go over better next time. lol…

In the last update, I promised a free pattern. I realized I had the post in my drafts and didn’t post it with the free pattern. Doh. I did remember to send an email to those on my newsletter. So sign up for my newsletter to receive the latest updates and special sales! I had partnered with the Beading Gem’s Journal to offer my first book project as a free pdf download. There was a video too, of course. Would you expect anything less from me? 😉 Head over there to download it now if you haven’t done so already.

Back to the matter at hand. I’ve been working on an arrangement of pink magnolias and needed a break from it so I designed some crocuses after I bought some from the garden center. The real flowers are not doing so great at the moment in my front yard. Hopefully, they’ll come back next year. But I’ve captured them in beads and will now live on forever.

Here is the actual flower and how I took it apart to study it.

PDF Download 7.50 USD

Bonus! Available for a limited time, included in the pattern are 5 video lessons. The video lessons are a $10 value and won’t be available as a bundle after 5/25/19. A link and password is provided so that you are able to access these exclusive video lessons. I offer additional tips as I bead so that you can make the perfect flower.

Update 6/10/2019 – the video course is now updated. The sale was extended as I was a little busy with the Bead and Button show classes.

PDF/Video Download 17.50

The videos are separated so that you can easily access the lesson that you are working on.

  • Lesson 1: Petals 5:18 mins
  • Lesson 2: Stamen 7:42 mins
  • Lesson 3: Pistil 4:37 mins
  • Lesson 4: Leaves 10:13 mins
  • Lesson 5: Assembly 10:43 mins

Total time: 38.33 mins


Oh hey, are you going to the Bead & Button show this June? As an instructor, they’re letting me give you a free ticket!

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Download the ticket here.