Bead Flora: The revival of French beaded flowers

Hello friends!

My book, self-titled “Bead Flora” was live on February 1st! It has been such an emotional roller coaster getting it up. Within three days, it went from ranking 500 plus under Beadwork to #45 on Amazon. Very exciting! It’s been up and down since. LOL.

Keep watch! I will be sharing a couple of free patterns with you and offer a book give-away.

Get a signed copy from me for 25.95 ($2 USD off retail price. I do ship internationally.

Buy off Amazon/ Amazon UK / Amazon Canada — Also available in many more countries. Check out Amazon in your countries. If you aren’t able to get it online, ask your local book retailers to help you order it.

A fellow author, Ragnar Levi, reviewed my book and wrote the most amazing Foreword:




    • BeadFloraStudio says:

      Hi Joette,
      I’m so sorry I missed your comment!
      I have a new section on my website titled “Learn.” I have some updated videos that shows the technique šŸ™‚
      Here is a tip. After you’ve wrapped the wire around at that angle, push the beads up to cover the wire before pushing the wire down. This helps put the pointed top into place.
      Hope that helps!


  1. Kathleen Sliter says:

    Hi Fen li; I’m going to try using the advice you gave to Joette about pushing up the beads before doing the final wrap-around.

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