Bead work organization for French beading

Bead tray organization for French beading

I work off a bead tray with just the essentials for a specific project. Here are some of the problems.

  1. You put down your tools and you don’t know where you set them down. They also take a lot of space in your workspace. 
  2. Your bead spinner slides around your work tray if you have it on your lap and it’s easy to knock it over. I was getting quite annoyed.

Then I had an idea…what if I glued the bottom of the bead spinner to my tray? I was going to hot glue it but couldn’t find the power cord.  But I was going through a drawer and found some strong magnets and round double-sided tape the same size. Just peel one side off and attach it to the magnet. Then pull off the other side and attach it to your tray. These magnets are really strong. They’re not like your typical fridge magnets. 

The magnets will keep your tools always in the same spot. It’s easy to grab and put back. I also found out these round measuring tape spools can be magnetized. I no need to cut long lengths of wire and having these spools vs a loose measuring tape is a lot more manageable. Plus, now it’s always in place.

Now onto the bead spinner bottom. Peel off one side of the tape and attach it to the bottom of the bead spinner. Then peel off the other side and attach it to the bead tray. It stays on pretty well and it will come off if you pull really hard on it.

So to recap, using magnets to keep tools out of the way gives you a lot of tray space and you aren’t scrambling around looking for a wire cutter that you set down just a few minutes ago. Keeping the bead spinner in place keeps it from sliding and knocking over and I haven’t spilled any beads off my bead spinner. Who would have thought a simple thing like tape and a magnet can make so much difference!