what’s new! How to make overhead video tutorials and Loose bead society

Hello friends!
It’s been quite a busy summer.
On August 19th, I had a presentation at the Loose Bead Society at the New Berlin Public Library. I had a facebook live which you can watch here for now <<Watch Here>>. There were some technical difficulties and I had every intention of editing the video with some of the slides I used at the presentation before I uploaded on youtube. It has been an incredible year but I just crashed. I crashed weeks before the presentation date but powered through until it was over. I just could not do anything more.  I took a break and just cleaned my studio and house. haha. I will update when I’ve the edited video ready.

I’ve been mostly on a hiatus recharging my batteries. I’ve been out in nature foraging for mushrooms, berries, and herbs. I’ve not been lucky on the mushroom front but I have an elderberry spot that I went with my little almost 3-year old and loaded up. Look at him dragging one of the bags on the ground! I also went out with a friend and we found the most divine tasting plums.



As many of you know, I’m a big jokester and a klutz. When it comes to putting together things and electronics, I mostly am clueless. I made a joke that it would be hilarious if I had a youtube channel called Unboxing with Fen because it would be hilarious to watch me put together things and figure out electronics. The very next day, my new camera came in the mail so I decided that I HAD to do an unboxing video now. I absolutely love my new camera so expect upgraded tutorial videos coming up!
You can watch the video here of me just being a goof-head. lol

The video has actually been out for a week and I’ve updated my newsletter peeps. But because I somehow locked myself out of my own website, it took awhile to get it up here on the blog. See? That’s just the type of thing I do. *shrug* *chuckle*