French beaded daisy for kids

I was invited by the Waukesha Public Library here in Wisconsin to teach a class for children 10 to 12 years old on September 28th. I have never taught children before, but I was excited to accept the challenge and get the next generation into beading.

Not only is this a great project for kids, this is a great stepping stone project for adults who want to get started into making beaded flowers. In an effort to boost the arts for the next generation, I am giving anyone permission to teach this project to children as long as it is not-for-profit. I am donating my time as well as materials. If you are interested in doing this, you are welcome to do download my pattern and teaching plans below.

And because I know someone will ask, I purchased the owl pot on Amazon.

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|| Download the PDF ||

Teaching Plans:

  1. Prepare the kits by stringing on the specified lengths of beads onto specified lengths of wire. If you feel that you have time to have the children string the beads onto wire, then omit this step.
  2.  Cut out 7-inches of floral tape for each kit.
  3.  While wire cutters are best, if the location you are teaching at won’t have the amount of wire cutters that you need, using scissors on each wire will work.
  4.  While each individual component uses the same technique, the order of the components are listed that way from easiest to more complex. Follow the order while making the components.

If you would like to teach this class to children, please email me. I would love to know when and where you’ll be teaching!


Happy  Beading!