PDF – Red Metamorph French Marigold, intermediate


French  beaded red metamorph French marigold pattern


French beaded flowers pdf pattern:  Red Metamorph French Marigold

Level: Intermediate

This pattern does not teach the techniques but you can learn by following the links below.


The Red Metamorph are a variety of French marigolds. They are so interesting that colors will change and vary with the weather. In cooler weather, the flowers will be all a burgundy color with an outer shading of yellow. However, in warmer weather, the colors can vary with splotches of yellow. With that said, you can really have fun with the colorways. While you can have an all red colorway, each flower can be unique.

Materials needed: 

  • 30 grams 15/0 Color A seed beads (15/0 Miyuki translucent gold luster cranberry or transparent ruby)
  • 30 grams 15/0 Color B seed beads (15/0 Miyuki opaque canary)
  • 60 grams 15/0 green seed beads (15/0 Miyuki matte lime green)
  •  26 gauge main color (Color A or B) copper-core wire
  •  28 gauge gold copper-core wire
  •  26 gauge green copper-core wire
  •  24 lengths of 20 gauge stem wire – 9 inch (22.8 cm) lengths
  •  Floral tape
  •  2 to 3 skeins of embroidery floss (DMC 704)

Notes about this French beading project:

Petals/Leaves: Use 26 gauge red or gold wire for the petals and 26 gauge green wire for the leaves. I do not
recommend a substitute gauge wire for these units.

Center A: It’s best to use 30 gauge wire to make Center A. Any heavier gauge wire will not pass through the
beads twice.

Center B: I recommend 28 gauge wire for Center B but in a pinch, 30 gauge or 26 gauge wires will also work.

Calyx/Bud: The bud and calyx are the same units. Using 26 gauge wire is best but you can get away with
using 28 gauge wire.

Lacing: There’s not a lot of lacing for this project. There’s too much contrast using a dark green lacing wire with
a light green bead. Using gold 30 gauge wire blends in well without a harsh contrast.

Floral tape: We’ll be only using floral tape as an aide in assembly. To help reduce stem bulk, only the tip of the
stem wires need to be wrapped with floral tape.

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Feel free to email me with any questions. I’m always happy to help.


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  1. Carol Cady says:

    Since I have not made Beaded Flowers for a very long time I am wondering from where you order your Miyuki seed beads on hanks? Also are size 15/0 seed beads available on hank?
    Carol Cady

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