PDF – French beaded Lance Leaf Coreopsis pattern


French beaded coreopsis pdf pattern


French beaded flowers pattern: Bead and Wire Lance Leaf coreopsis PDF

Level: Intermediate +

This pattern is rated intermediate as the majority of the techniques are intermediate level. However, it could lean towards more advanced because it uses so many techniques. Review the techniques below to make sure you’re familiar with them before deciding if this pattern is right for you.

This tutorial covers the Continuous Split Basic and Winged Scallop techniques.

  • 12 page PDF with 72 step-by-step photos

Materials Needed:

  • 35 to 40 grams 15/0 Color A seed beads (Miyuki opaque canary)
  • 15 grams 15/0 Color B seed beads (Miyuki dyed squash)
  •  <1 gram 15/0 brown seed beads (Miyuki transparent rainbow dark gold)
  •  40 to 50 grams 15/0 green seed beads (Miyuki opaque luster green)
  •  26 gauge gold copper-core wire
  • 28 gauge gold copper-core wire
  •  26 gauge green copper-core wire
  •  30 gauge gold copper-core wire
  •  30 gauge green copper-core wire
  •  7 lengths of 20 gauge stem wire – 12 inch lengths
  •  2 lengths of 18 gauge stem wire – 16 inch lengths
  •  5 lengths of 16 gauge stem wire – 18 inch lengths
  •  2 to 3 skeins embroidery floss (DMC 3363)
  •  Green floral tape


The pattern uses size 15/0 seed beads. The size of the beads were chosen to mimic the flowers’ scale in nature. I do not recommend that you use size 11 beads as a substitute.

If you do not have all the stem wire gauges, you can use 18 gauge stem wires. It may be slightly bulky for the tiny leaves but assembling it without floral tape will keep it as slim as possible.

The pattern makes 3 Flowers, 2 Closing Flowers, and 2 Buds. To make the arrangement in the photo, double the pattern recipe.

French beaded lance leaf coreopsis beaded flowers


  • Basic Frame
  • Double Split Basic/Triple Split Basic
  •  Continuous Split Basic
  •  Continuous Loops
  •  Beehive
  •  Lacing
  •  Winged Scallops


  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bead spinner
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/Measuring tape

All instructions and photography are copyrighted to Fen Li, Bead Flora Studio 2023. No part of this tutorial is to be resold, redistributed, copied, or taught in a classroom without the author’s consent. You are able to sell your finished pieces with credit to Fen Li/Bead Flora Studio as the designer.

If you need any help, feel free to email me via the contact page.

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