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French beaded mistletoe pdf

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French beaded mistletoe

· 65 grams 11/0 greens seed beads
· 5 grams11/0 contrasting green seed beads
· < 1 gram 15/0 brown seed beads
· 35 6mm or 8mm white pearls or druk beads
· 24 gauge green copper-core wire
· 28 gauge green or brown copper-core wire
· 30 gauge green copper-core wire
· Green floral tape
· 7 lengths of 18 gauge stem wire

About this French beading project:

This mistletoe project is a beginner-level project, however, this tutorial does not teach the techniques. To learn the Basic Frame, Continuous Cross-over loop, and Lacing, go to the link in the Resources above for videos and free pdfs to walk you through the process. This tutorial does cover the Fringe technique to make the berries.

Substitutions: If you do not have 28 gauge wire, it’s possible to use 30 gauge wire but you will have a better time making the berries with 28 gauge wire. I list 30 gauge wire for lacing and assembly but if you have 32 gauge wire, using that for assembly would be even better.

I used 6mm beads for the berries. I do not recommend going any higher than 8mm. If using 8mm, it’s possible to use an 11/0 brown seed bead instead of 15/0 without it looking too large.

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