Heart-shaped clovers in Bead & Jewellery magazine, new technique, and projects

Hello beadiful friends!

I’m debuting my heart-shaped clovers tutorial where I’m debuting a new technique. It is currently in the #87 issue of Bead & Jewellery magazine. It is a UK  based magazine so if you are in the US, it may take a couple of months to cross the pond. I know, disappointing. I don’t even have my copy yet. Give your local Barnes and Noble a call to see what issue they currently have out on the shelves and when they can expect issue #87.

Yes, these clovers are charming, but what makes this so special? It’s a new technique! It sure is an exciting time in the French beaded flower world as many of my fellow beaded flower designers are also coming up with new techniques. Why is this exciting? This art-form dates back to the 1500’s. We are surely experiencing another Renaissance for this ancient art-form at this moment in time!

The Inspiration

Free PDF 

I’m offering a free pdf with step-by-step instructions so if this is your first experience with French beaded flowers, you’ll get a quick crash course! Enter your email on the right hand side (or scroll down if you’re on mobile) to receive your free technique tutorial. This is for the technique tutorial only. It is NOT a pattern for the magazine project.

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More Projects

I got the proof for the instructions just in time for St. Patrick’s day. (And was then delayed until the May issue). I decided to make a 4-leaf lucky clover. Well, that sparked lots of other ideas. And about one week before the magazine is due to come off the presses, I decided I need to come up a collection of ancillary projects. So it’s been a mad dash over here. I may have lost my mind! (And since it was delayed until a later issue after I wrote this…well, c’est la vie!)

If you’ve got the technique down (free pdf and video demo below), then it would be a breeze to make these projects. I’ve come with ways to make the jewelry without any prior jewelry making skills. Unlike some of my other French beaded flower jewelry, you do not need to know how to make wrapped loops. What else does this mean? You don’t need any additional tools besides a wire cutter and chain/or needle nose pliers. And a beadspinner, of course. If you won’t invest in a $25 beadspinner, then I believe you’ve lost your mind. LOL.

The 12-page pdf is available for sale.  <—Buy Here—>

Pendant, Earrings, Ring, Hair Bobby pin, and Brooch Pin

Video Demo


Shout-out to my talented friend Kim at Kim Le Brown Creative for these amazing shots! If you are in Colorado, seek her out for a photo session!


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