French beaded sweetpeas Bead-along

French beaded flowers: January 2024 Sweetpeas bead-along!

French beaded sweetpeas, french beaded flowers

I have been trying to grow sweetpeas for the past few years so I can study them. My gardening skills are improving and I finally grew some to study this past Summer.

We’ll be starting the New Year with a bang with this French beaded sweetpeas bead-along in the Learn How to Make French Beaded Flowers facebook group! Bead-along starts January 2nd. It’s free and all you need to buy are the materials.

udpated 2/12/2024PDF and Video Class available

I do have kits available >> French Beaded Sweetpeas KitsĀ 

The lessons are free for the month of January. If you’d like more classes like this, consider buying a kit or support me by buying my current tutorials.

French beaded sweetpeas, French beading

French beaded sweetpeas, beaded flowers