French beaded flowers: Bead and wire mistletoe

French beaded flowers: beaded mistletoe

French beaded mistletoe, French beading

Officially, I’m announcing this French beaded mistletoe pattern! This pattern was part of the Seed Beads & More facebook group advent calendar for 2021. Since no one was thinking about the holidays anymore, I quietly added to my pattern store. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, I’m officially announcing this French beaded mistletoe pattern. You can find the PDF pattern right here in my pattern shop. Alternatively, if you prefer to get it from Etsy, you can find the French beaded mistletoe pattern in my Etsy shop.

French beading difficulty level: Beginner

This beaded mistletoe is pattern is suitable for beginners. However, I’ve also included a bonus beaded bow that’s more for intermediate level beaders. If you have no experience with French beading, once you start making the leaves, you’ll understand the terminology to move on to the bow. Here are some resources for learning the basic frame technique:

PDF and Video –

Additionally, below is an updated video on the basic frame and lacing that I uploaded to my French beading youtube channel.

Design process for French beaded Mistletoe

I’ve wanted to make a French beaded version of mistletoe for a few years now.¬† But, it Generally, my preferred method of coming up with a design is to study real flowers and beaded plants. Since there aren’t any real mistletoe around here, I’ve even purchased some artificial mistletoe so I could study it. When I was asked to participate in the Advent Calendar last year, I knew that I wanted to make a beaded mistletoe.

Adding the French beaded bow

If you would like to make the beaded bow, you can find the free pdf and video to learn the technique on how to make the bow.


French beaded mistletoe, French beading

French beaded mistletoe, French beading