French beaded apple blossoms free beginner pattern/tutorial

Would you like to get started with making French beaded flowers? This is one of the patterns I developed when I first started making beaded flowers. Apple blossoms! 

My fiancé (now hubby) were taking a walk at the park and I broke off a branch to take home to study. I took pictures of it but could not find it since it’s been so long ago. I was adamant about getting all the various leaf sizes.

This pattern is versatile. You can make one or two branch for a stunning arrangement or you can make many for a show-stopper.

Free PDF Download

I’m offering a 9-page tutorial pdf for download that not only will show you the basics, but will also include the pattern.  You will learn the following techniques: Continuous Loops, Continuous Wrap-Around Loops, and the Basic frame. Once you can master these three techniques, you’re well on your way to creating more and more beaded flowers. Enter your email on the right  (or scroll down to the end  if you are on mobile) to sign up to receive notifications of new posts and I will email it to you. If you’re already on my list, don’t worry! You’ll be getting an email from me soon!  Update: You can download the pdf here. Sample of the petal instructions below.

Video Demo 

Beginner Basic Techniques

Continuous Loops, Continuous Wrap-Around Loops

Basic frame


  1. Jo Smith says:

    I love these. I have tried French beading but without much success. These have inspired me to try again. Thank you

    • BeadFloraStudio says:

      Enter your email address on the right (or scroll down if on mobile) and it will be sent to you automatically in a few hours.

  2. Bridget Callahan says:

    I love your work. Your creations has stirred a desire to learn French beaded flowers. Thank you very much for the demos on you tube also.

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