10 ideas for a French beaded wedding

Do you want to incorporate French beaded flowers into your bridal bouquet or make other French beaded flower accessories for your big day but you don’t have the time to plan a wedding and make all the beaded flowers? Today, I will show you 10 ways to incorporate beaded flowers into your wedding without going into a beading frenzy. 

Most crafty brides  stumble upon French beaded flowers when they are just starting to plan their weddings and then join the Facebook groups freaking out wondering if they can make their bouquets in time with just a few months time.

In today’s video, I will show you 10 cool ideas on incorporating beaded flowers into your wedding.


Number 1: Incorporating flowers into your bridal bouquets. While it’s cool to have a bouquet made entirely out of beads, it is time consuming. If you have a wedding that is coming up soon, you may not have a lot of time to execute it. Instead of making 7 to 9 flowers for a bouquet, you can make 3 and have your florist incorporate it in your bridal bouquet with fresh flowers. 

This bouquet here was a collaboration I did with Kristen of Kio Kreations in Naperville, IL. We had a romantic theme and she used soft pink peonies and roses for the rest of the bouquet to compliment the beaded roses. I made the flowers and did not add any leaves and didn’t do anything special to prep the stems. Wrap the stems in floral tape, and that’s all that’s needed. You can leave the stems long and they can be trimmed just like regular flower stems when a bouquet is put together…though, you or your florist will need wire cutters to trim the beaded flower stems. 

Number 2.  You can incorporate beaded leaves into your bouquets like you would with bouquet bling. This bouquet is put together by another florist friend of mine, Heather of Fonte Fleur in South Carolina.  I leave three bottom wires and then wrap with floral tape. Do make the leaf stems long so that your florist can adjust the length. 

Number 3. Incorporate French beaded flowers with silk flowers. For this bouquet, I added realistic silk flowers, flowy feathers, and I even added a sparkly butterfly on the stem. This is something that you don’t have to worry about flowers wilting and can keep the whole bouquet afterwards. 

Number 4. Boutonnieres. Add beaded leaves to fresh or silk florals. Again, leave the stems long and let your florist trim the leaf after the boutonniere has been assembled. 

Number 5. Hair accessories. Beaded flower hair clips or hair pins are an easy way to add a special touch to your special day. I even had a bride put my hair pins on a cake as cake decor. How cool is that?! You can even make hair crowns for a flower girl. 


Number 6. Napkin holders. Okay..maybe not for everyone at your reception, but certainly can be done for the head table. 

Number 7. Clutches. Make some sparkly flowers  and glue them onto a small clutch for you and your bridesmaids.


Number 8. Shoe clips. Sparkly shoe clips are a fun way to decorate your shoes. I sewed shoe clip findings on a piece of fabric and attached them to the flower. They can also double as brooches if you can clip it to the top of your clothes. 

Number 9. Corsages. There are stretchy pearl corsage bracelets that can be found at craft stores. Glue your flowers onto the top of the stretchy bracelet. 

Number 10. Jewelry. Making jewelry is not exactly super beginner but if you already have jewelry making skills with wire wrapping, you can make beaded flower  necklaces. This necklace was made and glued onto a finding. I wire wrapped pearls as the necklace and made it so that the necklace can be worn multiple ways. But you can easily do bead stringing to make it less time consuming. 



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