July 2021 French beaded dogwood bead-along

French beaded flowers: dogwood bead-along.

Update: The written pattern can be found on in my book Bead Flora: French Beaded Branches in Bloom. For the full video tutorials, scroll to the bottom.

Hello! It’s time for another bead-along!

The project we’ll be working on is the French beaded dogwood. This is a project that will be in my 2nd book coming out this Fall.

In addition to hosting this in the Learn how to Make French beaded flowers facebook group, I’ve decided to make this available to everyone by uploading it to youtube. Either join the group or my newsletter to get the free pdf downloads that come with every video lesson.

If you would like to know the when I’ll be uploading, here is the SCHEDULE along with a coupon code just for July!

 Materials List:

  • 4 grams 11/0 fuchsia seed beads
  • 35 grams 11/0 light green
  •  45 grams 11/0 white seed beads
  •  24 gauge silver (or white) copper-core wire
  •  24 gauge green copper-core wire
  •  30 gauge silver copper-core wire
  •  30 gauge green copper-core wire
  •  1 length of 16 gauge stem wire
  •  3 lengths of 18 gauge stem wire
  •  Brown floral tape
  • Light green floral tape

Lesson 1: Stamen


Lesson 2: Petals

Lesson 3: Leaves A 

Lesson 4: Leaves B& C


Lesson 5: Assembly