Intermediate French beaded flower basics

Level: Intermediate

Techniques: Basic Frame/Split Basic

I will show you how to do more advanced techniques in making French beaded flowers! This video tutorial shows the intermediate techniques: The Split Basic. With this technique, you’ll reduce the amount of wire used and limit bulk and have a more slimmer stem. Need a refresher on the

Beginner Basics? Review it here.

I’ll have more projects coming right up with these techniques. Stay tuned!


  1. Milka Fodorova says:

    Dakujem za vyborny a zretelny navod. Ja sa ucim sama, nechodim na kurzy a vase videa su vyborne. Dakujem ze sa delite s vasimi radami s nami na verejnej sieti.
    Uz som si raz aj kupila navod cez internet
    Od vas na vianocnu vetvicku a sisku.
    Prajem vam vela zdravia a vela tvorivych chvil zazitych s krasnymi koralkami.
    Prajem pekne a pohodove, stastne vianoce.?

  2. Sarah Jane says:

    You are my idol! I thank God I found your videos! Your instructions are clear, your hands show the example just slow enough to understand, you don’t rush through expecting your viewers to grasp what you are doing right away. And you have a wonderfully calm voice. You are a fantastic teacher and you have helped me find my passion in French beaded flowers. Thank you, god bless!

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