French beaded forsythia flowers bead-along

French beaded forsythia flower July 2022 Bead-along!

I’ll be teaching how to make French beaded forsythia flowers in July in the Learn how to Make French Beaded Flowers facebook group.

This beaded forsythia project is intermediate level. You do need to have pre-requisite knowledge of the continuous loop, basic frame, and the triple split basic frame technique. Click on the links to review those techniques to practice now if you’d like to participate. I will cover the Continuous Split Basic technique in more detail in the PDF and video lessons.

French beaded forsythia, beaded flowers

Materials needed: 

Note: You are welcome to use colors of your choice, but I’ve noted the colors I used and the sources above. The materials listed make one stem with two branches. The photo as displayed is with two stems.

    • 70 grams 11/0 yellow seed beads (Matusno Dynamite 11/0 transparent rainbow yellow, source: Fire Mountain Gems)
    •  45 grams 11/0 green seed beads (Czech Preciosa transparent light green, source: FMG
    • <1 gram contrasting yellow seed beads (Matsuno Dynamite 11/0 transparent light yellow, source: FMG)
    • 26 or 24 gauge gold copper-core wire (flowers)
    • 26 gauge gold copper-core wire (buds)
    • 24 gauge green copper-core wire (leaves, sepals)
    • 28 gauge gold copper-core wire (pistil)
    • 26 gauge green copper-core wire (buds)
    • 2 lengths of 12-gauge stem wire
    • Brown floral tape

Supply Resources << LINK – All the supply sources I mention in this list are linked in this resource. I update this page whenever there are changes in sources. Link can usually be found at the bottom of this website.

A note about materials:
The blossoms are small enough that you can either 26 or 24-gauge wire for the flowers. Though the buds are more dainty so 26 gauge wire will be better suited. If you would rather not purchase 24 gauge gold wire, 26 gauge for both the blossoms and buds is sufficient.

The pistil calls for 28 gauge gold wire but you can probably get away with using 26 gauge. It will be slightly bulkier.

Do stick with the recommended gauges for the leaves and buds