French beaded flower: shasta daisy bead-along

French beaded flowers: shasta daisy bead-along – level: intermediate

We have another fun French beaded flowers project! We are on the last project: Shasta Daisy. In the past couple of months, we made  beaded brown-eyed-susans and echinacea. Join me in the French beading facebook group and my facebook page where I will update more frequent updates. I will update this post as the videos come out. There are 5 videos total for the shasta daisies.

French beaded flower Techniques:

French beaded shasta daisy preview: 

Lesson 1: Petals

Lesson 2: Center 

 Lesson 3: Leaves 

Lesson 4: Calyx and Assembly 

French beaded flowers: shasta daisy

French beaded shasta daisy, beaded flowers