French beaded flowers: bead and wire brown-eyed-susan

French beaded flowers: bead and wire brown-eyed-susan

Are you ready for the French beaded flowers bead-a-long? Join me and other French beaders in the facebook group where I will do more frequent updates. I will update this post with newer lessons as they come out. There are 5 videos total for this flower.

  • Preview
  • Lesson 1 – Petals
  • Lesson 2 – Center
  • Lesson 3 – Leaves and Calyx
  • Lesson 4 – Assembly

This French beaded brown-eyed-susan flower pattern is published in my book: “Bead Flora: the revival of French beaded flowers.” I first discovered this flower after taking my baby on a hike at the nature center. That was two years ago. He’s not a baby anymore.

PREVIEW TUTORIAL (Released 8/24/2020)

LESSON 1: PETALS  (released 8/25/2020)

Lesson 2: Center ( Released 8/27/2020)

Lesson 3: Leaves and Calxy (released 9/1/2020)

Lesson 4: Assembly (to be released 9/3/2020)

When I first saw the brown-eyed-susan flowers, I thought they were black-eyed-susans. However, after some research, they are not. The brown-eyed-susans are about 2 to 3 times smaller than the black-eyed-susans with 8 petals. Have you seen fields and fields of these flowers in the wild before? They are quite a sight to behold.


French beaded flowers: brown-eyed-susan, beaded flowers