cosmo flower study: how to design French beaded flowers

In a previous post, I talked about my design process. Today, I’m going to show you exactly how I do a flower study and translate a real flower into a French beaded flower. In this cosmo flower study, I’ll walk you through my note taking process and how I then replicate the flower using beads.

Step 1. First, I look at the overall stem and draw out generally where everything is. I measure the lengths and notate how long the stems are.

Step 2.  Next, I take off the petals and leaves then trace them on the paper. I’ll take pictures at this point also so that I can refer back to it later for color matching.


Step 3: I usually have an idea of what techniques to use by looking at the petal or leaves. If I don’t know yet, it’ll sit in my sketchbook. I file it in the back of my head and it may come to me in the future as I work on different projects.

In the first stage, I don’t match colors. I use whatever beads are closest to me at the time. It doesn’t matter what color it is because in most cases, it will be taken apart to be refined. I just want to get the general shape of it first.

I was pretty happy with the shape of it after a few trials of getting the right bead counts.

Step 4. After I got the shape that I liked for this petal, I made all the petals using a continuous technique. It is a new technique that I came up with called the Continuous Split Basic. I will share this in the next post.

I have 4 petals on a piece of wire and combined the two together. You can do all 8 petals on one wire but I chose to do two.

I also did a basic center and made it green. I told you that I really don’t care about colors at this point. I wasn’t about to run downstairs to match colors for a sample.


Video of Cosmo flower study

Cosmos come in so many color variations and sizes. I won’t be sticking with just the one size. I imagine I’ll have lots of fun making the various sizes and color combinations. The smaller flowers have a more flat center. The more mature flowers that are seeding have a more domed shape with some seeds visible. I have an idea of how I’ll do those. More trial and error, of course.

So when will I finish the French beaded cosmos?

No clue! LOL.

I have quite a few projects that I need to finish right now. It’s a lot more fun to start to figure out a new pattern than to finish something. Isn’t that always the case?

Have I inspired you today to start designing your own French beaded flowers? I hope so!


If you are new to French beaded flowers, here are some of my free tutorials on the techniques.

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Happy Beading!