2 quick DIY bead spinners for making French beaded flowers

DIY bead spinners for French beaded flowers

Quick DIY bead spinners

I’ve put together 2 quick DIY bead spinners that take about 5 minutes to put together with simple materials you can source easily. You probably already have the materials lying around at home or you may need just a quick trip to the dollar store.

The first bead spinner is one that uses a simple recycled cup and dowel. This spinner is best used as a backup spinner for stringing smaller quantities of beads when using a secondary color.

The second spinner uses a fidget spinner and it works very well! This can definitely be used as a primary bead spinner.

Bead Spinner 1:

  • small plastic cup
  • wooden dowel (source: Dollar store)
  • Awl or something to poke a hole in the plastic cup


  1. Poke a hole in the middle of the cup to accommodate the dowel
  2. Insert the dowl in the cup with 1/4 inch of the dowel coming out of the bottom

Bead Spinner 2:

  • small plastic cup
  • fidget spinner
  • hot glue
  • double-sided 3m tape (or more hot glue)
  • small baking pan


  1. Put glue on the middle of the fidget spinner.
  2. Press the cup firmly onto the fidget spinner.
  3. Glue or use the double-sided tape to attach the spinner onto a small baking pan. The pan holds the spinner in place as well as catching the beads that fly out.

Watch this video on how to make the DIY bead spinners.