Kit – French beaded wild rose – matte light pink


French beaded wild rose kit

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Kit – French beaded wild rose —  for June 2023 Seed Beads and more bead-along

Colorway: matte light pink

If you purchase a kit for the June 2023 Wild Rose kit, you will be granted extended access to the videos until September 1, 2023. Instructions on how to access the videos is in the kit and will be live on July 1, 2023. Only purchase if you are in the Seed Beads and More group.

Materials in Kit:

  • 35 grams 11/0 matte light pink seed beads
  • 45 grams 11/0 green seed beads
  • 1 gram 11/0 brown seed beads
  •  <2 grams 15/0 color A yellow beads
  •  <2 grams 15/0 color B yellow beads
  •  24 gauge main color copper-core wire
  •  24 gauge green copper-core wire
  •  28 gauge green copper-core wire
  •  30 gauge neutral color (silver or gold) copper-core wire
  •  5 lengths 18 gauge stem wires
  •  5 lengths 20 gauge stem wires
  • 40 feet embroidery floss
  •  Green floral tape

Kit: I’ve tested the kit many times and there are extra beads and wire included in case of spillage, and other human errors. I’ve spilled some beads, misread my own pattern and beaded the wrong petals for one of the colorways. I still had enough beads and wire to make all the petals called for in the pattern. That means if you’re new to French beading, you will have enough beads and wire to practice and have room for errors.

Shipping: Shipping charges are calculated based on weight and your location. Sometimes, the system gets it wrong and any overages will be refunded.

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me an email fen @ I usually reply within 24 hours or faster. If there’s no reply in 48 hours, there’s a chance that your message slipped through the system. In that case, send me smoke signals. Try contacting me through my social media pages on instgram or facebook (@beadflora). Though, email is still the best and you will usually get a faster reply through email.

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