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This bead set is created as a convenience for those who already purchased the French beaded trillium pattern. Pattern and Bead Set are sold SEPARATELY. This bead set kit only contains the seed beads and not the other materials you need to make the trillium pattern.

What’s in this bead set:

  • 15 grams 11/0 white seed beads
  • 15 grams 11/0 fuchsia seed beads
  • 15 grams 11/0 iris seed beads
  • 15 grams 11/0 yellow seed beads
  • 15 grams 11/0 pink seed beads
  • 200 grams 11/0 green seed beads
  • 4 grams Yellow Color A
  • 2 grams yellow orange color B

There are enough beads to make 5 flowers. I’ve tested the bead quantities and there’s extra allowance for beading more loose, minor spills and mistakes. Beading loose will eat up a lot of extra beads. Lace-as-you-go will ensure that you have a neat petal as well as making sure you will have more than enough beads.

*Picture includes wood violets and snow drops in the arrangement. Bead Set DOES NOT include beads for those patterns.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in
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