French beaded cherry blossoms tutorial – beginner

The story of these cherry blossoms went a little like this:

About 10 years ago, I wanted to make a life-sized cherry blossom tree. I made a lot of cherry blossoms…and decided I want swarvoski crystal centers to make it sparkle! So I made lots of these little flowers and never figured out how to put these heavy flowers on a tree without it drooping. Seriously, one day I will figure it out! LOL. But it looks like some of our beaded flower friends from Japan have already done that and I was still on step one.

So I decided to make this arrangement for the video tutorial. After all, I have all these cherry blossoms lying around. This is 10 years in the making! While I don’t have a tree, I am happy with how it turned out.

While this looks complicated, it really is a beginner project! You can make as many or as little sprigs as you like to put together a stunning display. You can find the free tutorial here.

As I was filming the video, I spilled lots and lots of beads. I decided to keep the camera rolling. 😉 Because that’s how I roll. It’s around the 15 to 16 minute mark if you haven’t seen it yet. Both Part 1 and 2 are here.

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